Where Fitness, Fun, Motivation & Support come together to deliver you the BEST RESULTS that you are looking for!
No more searching the internet for the best workout ideas, diets, personal trainers or weight loss strategies…
I know you want to make a positive change because you are here!

 Therefore, can we decide to end these self-sabotaging habits together??
After all they are running you in circles, wasting time, distracting you from your goal and ultimately making the whole process harder than it is...repeat after me: 

I will NO longer...
Browse Pinterest, Instagram or every fitness magazine for fitness solutions BEFORE implementing the one I have right in front of me.
Say to myself, I’ll start Monday! Actually I’ll start tomorrow….wait make that Monday!
Compare my journey with anyone else’s. Period. This is my journey, my life, my health, my energy and my family. I’ll set my own goals and won’t compare them to anyone else.
Talk myself out of working out before I even start.
Use my crazy, busy schedule as an excuse to say NO today.
Workout without a plan in place to reach MY “finish line”.
How much information is too much?
Let’s be honest, there’s so much information on health & fitness on the internet, amazon, social media, you name it that it can literally “paralyze” people from STARTING...and more importantly FINISHING! 

It’s not hard to find fitness advice, but in my opinion it is hard to find a SIMPLE, FUN SYSTEM that not only includes Virtual Workouts for all levels, Online Meal Planning, Motivation and Support, a Free Coach BUT a Roadmap to the “Finish Line”....YOUR FINISH LINE!

And that’s exactly what I want to share with you…

To the Woman who lives a Crazy, Busy Lifestyle But wants to Look & Feel her Best...
Here is what I want YOU to know and I how I can best help you as your Fitness Coach: 

“My Golden Rules of Fitness”:
Fitness should...
Be FUN! It should make you happy, relieve stress and fill your cup to want to acheive even greater things in your life.
Have a Start Date and an End Date to motivate you to “cross that finish line”. We are driven by short term results.
Be mapped out by 30 days at a time to create a NEW Habit! Your first month will be creating a lot of new habits in your schedule - your second month will simply be following through on them.
Have a Magic Checklist - don’t we all want the magic checklist telling us exactly what workouts to do and what to eat each day that will help us hit the goals of our dreams?
Level You Up! Who you hang out with is who you will rise up to be. Simply put - if you want to change your mindset, motivation and fitness level, surround yourself with people who are already living this lifestyle.
BUT here is the never-ending battle that’s happening in your mind holding you back from reaching your goals…
You want to commit 
but you don’t have the time 
to workout or meal prep

You want to make 
a change but you don’t have 
the income this month

You want to try something new 
but you already - pay a gym membership, own home gym equipment, 
take group fitness classes or hire a personal trainer

You desperately need and 
want help but feel unsure 
to start and not follow through.

You are involved in a fitness routine now but are not getting the best results you’d like...will this work for you??
You could workout in 30 minutes or less a day?
You didn’t have to give up your gym membership, group fitness classes or continue to use your home treadmill if you wanted to? What if you could incorporate this program into your existing one and still gain a 30 day transformation?
You were give a “Magic Checklist” organizing your workouts into a calendar, your grocery list mapped out and a weekly meal plan all in advance - saving you time!
I told you everyone feels overwhelmed when they start something new….but the secret is if you want something different, you have to DO something different! And I’m here to make those steps forward as simple as possible for you.
You didn’t have to cook fancy Pinterest recipes 
(if you hate cooking)? What if you could simply pair up healthy foods from a healthy food list and still get great results?
You could save money following a program that is bundling everything together: workouts, nutrition, supplements, group coaching, motivation and support at the price of approximately 3 personal training 60-minute sessions - you could receive all this for an entire year with me!
And most of all - what if it worked for YOU?! The power of gaining confidence, positive habits, a new healthy lifestyle commitment, weight loss, accountability and empowerment??
All of this is possible for YOU and more!
Enroll in my Mindset & Motivation Challenge Group and let’s make Fitness FIT your lifestyle!
Starts Monday September 4th!!
*Prep Week Starts August 28th*
A private coaching group hosted by myself helping women implement the basics of health & fitness through Mindset & Motivation

I’m giving you all of the top notch tools to succeed through the #1 Fitness Company in our Industry AND providing a private place for you check in each day...together we will create new habits and turn your goals into reality!!

Here’s what you get - and at a very special price! 48 HOUR BONUSES listed below!!!

1.  12 months-Virtual All Access Pass to Beachbody On Demand Workouts (normal price $99)
Get fun, effective workouts in from the comfort of your home 24/7!! From the popular, proven 21 Day Fix program to our newest mixed martial arts-style program, Core De Force to go-to favorites like Insanity, you get full access to the entire Beachbody On Demand video library!! That's 600+ workouts you can stream anywhere from any internet-connected device.
2.  Personal Workout Recommendations & FREE Coaching with Me
There was a reason I had you decide what workouts you like best! When you select your preferred workout style below, you’ll still get FULL access to the Beachbody On Demand video library, but I’ve hand-selected the perfect workout for you to START your first 30 days with!

3.  A 30-Day Supply of Shakeology (normally $129)
If you haven’t tried these amazing superfood supplement shakes, you are in for a seriously delicious treat! Each nutritionally-dense shake is designed to help support weight loss, eliminate toxins, promote healthy energy levels, and reduce cravings. You will replace one meal a day with Shakeology which will now become YOUR Healthiest Meal of the day!! And, best of all, they taste like a dessert!

4.  Portion Fix Meal Planning
80% of Weight Loss comes from Nutrition!! Simply put I want you to know exactly what to eat and how much (portions). You will be given food lists, grocery lists, nutrition plans, hundreds of recipes, Fixate (an online cooking show) and the color portion food containers which tell you EXACTLY how much of that healthy food to eat at each meal. There will be NO GUESSWORK. Your nutrition will be mapped out to keep it SIMPLE!
5.  Private Accountability Group
I hope by now that you know that I’ve got your back. When you sign up for The Mindset & Motivation Challenge Group you get access to me to ask questions, get guidance, and daily accountability system for motivation and support. Plus, you’ll get access to our special, members-only Challenge Group via a private app, where you can share with members just like you, and get plenty of support in return!

I’m not sure about the cost…Let’s Break this down on what you are getting
1. Shakeology Customer Price: $129.95 plus $12 shipping

2. Entire Beachbody workout Library: $6,000+ Retail Value PLUS unreleased 2017 workouts for an ENTIRE YEAR

3. Portion Fix Containers: $39.90

4. FIXate Cooking Show Access with new recipes every month: $34.95 + TV Subscription $50-70/month

5. Group 1-1 Accountability: Weight Watchers Comparison is $39.95 for group sessions

6. 1-1 Personal Coaching: Typically $50-100 at a Gym

7. Average Gym Monthly Membership: $40/Month

Valued at: $6,396.75

I definitely want you to get the most for your money, so that’s why being able to bundle it is the best option, which is only about $4/Day! I always say skip the daily Starbucks drive thru & gain all of the above how could you not at least try for a month & see how it goes?
I want you to pick your FAVORITE WORKOUT STYLE below...you will receive access to ALL of these programs with this special...however I want to HELP you PICK the program you will simply START with for your FIRST 30 DAYS!!!!!

So at first glance - what interests you? 

Remember fitness needs to be FUN - Results will Follow!!!!

Here's my TOP FAVS in each category:
MY FAVORITES by Category:
Boot Camp Workouts 
You’ll get full access to Beachbody on Demand, but I’ll hand-pick boot camp classes to get you started!

My Top Picks:
Shift Shop (NEW!!) - Level 2
Insanity - Level 2
Core De Force - Level 2

Mind/Body - Yoga/Pilates
You’ll get full access to Beachbody on Demand, but I’ll hand-pick mind/body classes to get you started!

My Top Picks:
Beachbody Yoga Studio*
Cardio Dance Party
You’ll get full access to Beachbody on Demand, but I’ll hand-pick dance workout classes to get you started!

My Top Picks:
YOUv2 - Level 1
Turbo Fire - Level 2

Strength Training to Tone Up & Lean Out
You’ll get full access to Beachbody on Demand, but I’ll hand-pick strength training classes to get you started!

My Top Picks:
Brazil Butt Lift - Level 1
Hammer & Chisel - Level 2

Not sure where to start?

My Top Picks:
The 21 Day Fix - Level 1
The 21 Day Fix Extreme - Level 2

48 Hour Fast Acting Bonuses!!!!
Enroll in the next 48 hours (Sunday August 27th 8pm CST) and Receive:
Bonus #1
Setting & Crushing Goals - Turn your Wishes into Reality! 45 minute private audio training with Kristina
Bonus #2
My Weekly Meal Plan & Favorite Desserts using the Color Coded Portion Food Containers! Can be used with any of the Beachbody Workout Programs - your fast Track to Eating Healthy and Feeling Great!!
Bonus #3
"Make It Happen" Hot Pink & Black Tank or T-Shirt **Limited to the First 5 Ladies who Enroll**
Sounds pretty sweet, right?! So here's the bottom line...
I believe fitness can be FUN! I believe that you CAN fit it into your crazy, busy schedule! I know this because I've helped hundreds of women find their motivation for fitness again and I can help you do the same.
I've been where you are, many times...I've said to myself, I'll start Monday or I'll get on it next week. Well the fact is, most if the time we don't! As your personal fitness coach I will work with you to help define your fitness goals and plug you into a system of success!
A private place to learn, grow, get motivated and yes "check in" with how you did today! 
A place to make new fitness friends and be inspired on what we can do together. Remember you will fall off....it's called life :)
 I want to teach you how to pick yourself back up each time and just keep going!!!

Click the link below to Join Now! 

Receive your 48 hour FREE Fast Acting Bonuses:
1) Order above - choose the Beachbody On Demand All Access Challenge Pack

2) Choose your Shakeology Flavor - my FAV is the Vegan Neopolitan (5th flavor)

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